Will Commercial Real Estate Really Crash?

At the beginning of 2010 many analysts were suspecting a commercial real estate collapse. Since then this topic has just slid out the door with no mention of it at all. Are the banks hiding something? and is this problem still lingering around like a bad smell.
The answer to that question is yes!
There is now much growing suspicion of a double dip in housing coming. The market continues to go up on hope but yet Property Survey Vs Appraisal there is little evidence that this is solid because the market continues to climb higher on extremely light volume.
The sad truth is that with all the bad news with banks and financial companies blowing up and going bankrupt they have completely forgotten about the commercial real estate problems that are next on the card to blow up. When it hits many big investors and commercial real estate owners will be in for nasty surprise. This industry has been on life support for many years, and cannot simply keep going on the way it has.
Here are the 4 reasons why the commercial real estate industry has not crashed already:-
1) Due to many discrepancies, commercial real estate owners / lenders are still able to get lending from the providers that caused the credit crisis in the first place.
2) Commercial Real Estate ads have increased dramatically by up to 40%. Businesses think this is a good thing, as more vacancy means the commercial industry is growing again. WRONG! This is simply owners trying to get out of leases, and not having enough money to pay the rent to their land lords.
3) The government are taking focus off these bigger problems and talking up good company reports. This is just keeping people in a bubble of their own false sense of security.
4) Commercial Real Estate lenders will never admit to prices dropping. They get paid large commissions when they sell property to their customers. How Long Is A Land Survey Good For Some of these are sharks, and others are honest but at the end of the day, their goal is to make sales not to keep people happy.

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