Why Successful Investors Use a Target Area When Marketing For Potential Sellers

When you market for potential sellers you’re going to go back to your target area, and this is one of the things we do with our coaching students is we really spend time focusing on target areas. If you really want to be successful as a real estate investor, you’ve got to have a pretty focused target.
Become an Expert on Real Estate Marketing Materials a Targeted Area
If you’re trying to buy in a whole city like Philadelphia or Cleveland, you’re not going to be very successful because you’re never going to become the expert. You need to pick out little neighborhoods and become expert to those neighborhoods.
Know the rents better than anyone else, know the prices and conditions, know what renters want in those things. You become the de facto expert.
Exact Marketing
Again, this leads right into that exact marketing. You don’t have to market to all of Cleveland or Philadelphia. You can market right down to each and every block. You can pick five or 10 blocks that you want to market on and that’s all you’re going to work. You can work it for several months.
You can then supplement this with all the other things we’re going to be talking about. But I guarantee you that if you use post-it notes correctly it will get you your highest response and the phone will ring, and it will ring with motivated sellers.
Voice Mail
Remember this ties in with all our other marketing, guys. If you don’t want these people to call you directly, don’t put your phone Things First Time Home Buyers Need To Buy number on the post-it note. Put a voice mail recorded system and make them go there and leave a phone number there after that.
There’s nothing wrong with taking these calls. Understand that if you put out a lot of post-it notes, potentially you can get 15 – 20 calls in a single day, so you’re going to be busy, whereas if you have them go to a voice mail recorded message, maybe only half of them leave a phone number. Then the assumption is that the people who leave phone numbers are going to be far more motivated in terms of selling. That’s really where the great deals come.
You now have the opportunity to talk to the seller directly without realtors involved, without the other people. The really great deals come out of that situation when you can sit down one-on-one with the seller and strike a deal.

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