What Stops Investors Cold?

The sad fact is that 95% of those who start out with real estate investing as a full- or part-time career never make it. The most common reason for not being successful in real estate is never taking action. Here are some of the common excuses we hear that inevitably lead to failure and how to combat them:
1. I don’t know enough. The fact that you’ve invested in our program is a testimony to your recognition that it is important to have some training before tackling a new field. The problem that we see with new students is that they pick up our program, and then they get distracted by someone else’s program and they buy that one, and then a month later it’s on to someone else’s program. Make a bargain with yourself: work one system through to completion. Give it a chance to work for you. If you have selected a complete system, like ours, you will have everything you need to make a business in real estate investing work anywhere in this country and even in some other countries. Getting distracted and never completing anything is the number one reason why students fail.
2. I don’t know anyone yet. To build a sustainable career you do need to have a team you can call on-agents, attorneys, title specialists, inspectors, appraisers, home repair services, transactional and other lenders, etc. You can build that team as you go, getting suggestions from other investors and agents, as well as from our team. Real Estate Marketing Ideas 2019 To get started all it takes is finding one short sale or REO to make an offer on to get a deal under contract and to start building a relationship with one agent. From that deal and that first agent will probably come more deals and more opportunity to build credibility. Then build out your team as needed to get the job done.
3. I haven’t implemented a system yet. It’s true that there are things that need to be set up early on in a real estate investment career, but they do not all have to How To Make Money In Real Estate 2019 be done at once. Just as in building a team, the system can be grown organically as you add more deals. Follow a proven system like ours; don’t reinvent the wheel.
4. I don’t have the money to get started. Start with methods that don’t take much capital. By working with agents on short sales and REOs you can take advantage of the marketing that these agents do to attract buyers and sellers. Another approach is to begin by bird-dogging for other investors. Get to know the people in your local real estate investment group and find and bring deals to them for a small fee or a small cut of the deal. Many times experienced investors will be happy to mentor promising new investors and may be willing to partner on some deals. Eventually, you will need a budget for marketing, as well as for buying and holding property. Initially, however, it is not necessary if you pick the right investment strategy.
Don’t let excuses ruin your opportunity to make real estate investing a satisfying and financially rewarding career. Don’t become one of the 95% who wind up quitting in defeat. You have everything you need right now to succeed!

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