Understanding the Real Estate Deal “Food Chain”

Imagine for a moment that you own a $10 million piece of commercial real estate that has been in your family for 40 years that you’d now like to sell. What do you do Real Estate Agent Pay Structure to get it sold for the highest price possible? Do you list it with a broker? Do you try to sell it yourself? Do you call one of your friends who also buy properties?
Typically, sellers who aren’t cheapskates will call an agent (or the agent will call them while drumming up listing) and list the property through them. They know that the agents will try to create a bidding war on the property and get the highest price possible for the property. However, while this may be the case some of the time, lets now look at it this from the real estate agent’s perspective. Does the agent want to wait for many weeks or months to go through a bidding process or would they rather sell the property more quickly and then move onto another listing? Often, the agent will immediately go through their list of client contacts who have bought properties from them before, knowing that they can get the deal done. They will also parade the deal around their office and let all of their agent friends and friends of friends know about the deal. Why spend money on a listing when they can do it in-house, right? Only then, after the deal has been picked over by dozens of people and been turned down by all of them does it make it to places like so that the deal can then be picked over by thousands of people.
Fact: Good deals don’t make it that far down the food chain! If you want to find the good deals, you will either need to develop solid relationships Nj Real Estate License Search with agents and brokers or you will need to deal with sellers directly. Otherwise, you’ll always be picking over the leftovers!
There are still some good investment deals out there if you know where to look. If you need assistance in locating some of these, please visit our website at and leave your contact information so we may respond to your request.

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