Understand the Middle East and Your Business Will Prosper

Stereotype the Middle East at your peril. Not because of danger but because the Middle East is full of potential that is completely unrealized.

Is the region full of wild-eyed fanatics and rich oil-barons? Sure. So is Texas every Cowboys game.

Is the region full of tyrants and poor, oppressed people? Sure. So is South America.

I recommend a fresh look at the cradle of civilization. I recommend taking a look at investing in Gaza businesses and Afghan industry and Bahrainian construction companies. Why?

Two very simple and obvious reasons. First…

Money. From BESTWAYTOINVEST “The Middle East is in the middle of momentous political change, and for most, its economic future will be little better than a guesstimate – but for a well-informed, risk-lusting few, it will be the opportunity of a lifetime.”

The west in general and the U.S. in particular is rolling the dice on the region. Trillions of dollars spent and thousands of soldiers have died along with “Property Brokerage Agreement” thousands of locals having perished. You do not have to agree with the fighting to see that Afghanistan and Iraq are now nations ready for growth.

From USA TODAY, “Some U.S. and Iraqi officials say American companies risk losing an early opportunity to establish long-term strategic ties with Iraq.”

Millionaires are popping up in Iraq that did not suck off the Baathist regime. Car dealers, cell phone marketers and yes, internet marketers. Real estate investment is growing exponentially. Why not you?

Why invest in Afghanistan? I’ll give you 3 reasons..

Afghanistan is a fast growing emerging market of strategic importance close to some of the largest and fastest-growing markets in the world

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Afghanistan offers a pro-business minded environment with legislation favorable to private investments

Afghanistan is rich in natural resources

There are 50 state owned enterprises ready Who Appoints The Real Estate Commissioner for privatization. Why not you?

Why invest in Gaza? This leads to my second reason for re-examining the Middle East for investment…

We simply can not wait. Hungry, angry, dis-enfranchised people are easily manipulated. Letting Gazans know that the West is interested in their safety and security will do wonders for the overall security situation in the area. Gazans need to know that security comes from working with their neighbors who will in turn help them.

Peace does not always come from the barrel of a gun or an explosive packed car driven into a crowd. Peace usually comes when people are happily employed, healthy and know that their children have the potential for a better life then their own life. No hope, no peace. Look at America. Americans are feeling hopeless right now and the current administration may suffer big losses in the upcoming election because of it.

Look around. Hope is everywhere. The disfigured woman on the cover of Time is getting a new nose. Women in Afghanistan are getting education in record numbers and will bring new opportunities. People are seeing the Middles East as a partner.

In America people are taking their future in their own hands. Americans are starting their own companies and taking chances to put the future under their control. Why not you?