Top Interview Questions for Your Real Estate Agent

A lot of thought, consideration and research have to go into the selection of a real estate broker as he is the one person who will be with you through the ups and downs of hunting for your dream home. Selecting the right agent means expert help in choosing the best property, getting the best deal in the choicest neighborhood and also a smooth transaction. Here are a few questions that you must ask your broker during the interview, only after which will you hire him as your agent.
Hiring an experienced professional is the only way by which you can get all the benefits of a real estate agent. So the first question that you need to ask him is the years of experience he has in this field. And if you are looking for homes or property in a particular town or city, then ask the agent for his experience in this particular area. The Best Home Builders Near Me second question has to be about the number of sales that he has made in the previous year, especially as a buyer’s agent. This will give you an idea of his success in the market but remember not to base your decision on just this factor. Also find out from the broker about the time taken between the original list price and the final offer accepted.
Another important question that must be asked during the interview is the average ratio between the originally listed price and the selling price which will throw light on the agent’s negotiation skills. If the agent owns or is part of a large real estate company, then find out about the market share of the firm. You also need to find out if he has a personal assistant or does he handle all the paperwork by himself. Also ask for references especially recent ones which will give you an idea of the kind of sales that the agent has brokered.
Most brokers have their own websites these days so make sure that you too ask your agent about the same. If he does have a webpage, then make sure that you visit the same to get more information and also read customer testimonials to know what his past clients think of his expertise Different Real Estate Transactions and service. If the broker also has a social networking page, then it becomes easier to find out his social standing among clients and peers alike. It is also important to find out from the agent if he uses videos and virtual tours to make it easier to see many homes.
Another important question for your agent must be about his fee structure and also his share in the sale. It is best to discuss the terms and conditions beforehand and even draw up a contract to avoid unnecessary hassles later on. Also find out about the paperwork and how the closing of the sale is handled including the necessary legal paperwork. It is also important to find out about the termination policy of the contract in the event of any displeasure or dissatisfaction on your part.

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