Top Areas to Rent Commercial Property in Perth

Perth is an excellent area to rent commercial property in because of the exquisite views it has to offer, in addition to its overall atmosphere. When renting any commercial property, a business owner needs a space that offers much more than a good rental rate and a nice interior and exterior design. More practical factors also need to be taken into consideration such as parking, restaurants and transportation. Potential customers need to be able to easily arrive at the building and have a place to park in case they came by car. All of these factors should be in mind before renting a property. Below you will find some of the best areas to rent commercial property in Perth.
The Centre of the Central Business District in Perth
Commercial buildings for rent in the central business district of Perth are an excellent option for leasers. In this area, most buildings will have a view of at least one of the monumental sites that Perth boasts such as Kings Park or Swan River. In this central business area, Bilateral Real Estate you will have access to some of the finest shops in Perth at the Hay Street Mall. You can entertain your business partners at some of the finest eating establishments also. Even if it is just a late night at the office, you can order in from one of these local eateries.
This area is also a gateway to various Western Australian destinations such as the Margaret River wine region, Kings Park, Swan Bell Tower, Rottnest Island and the Aquarium of Western Australia which can be accessed by the ferry. This ferry can be a 5 minute walk from the centre of the central business district. There are also various taxis roaming the streets, the airport is 15 minutes away, there are free inner city buses and a 5 minute walk can take you right to the Perth train station and bus port. When you need an office that offers ample transportation services, the business district definitely offers these services. Also, it is beneficial to have your business in the area as many people will pass by every day, increasing your business exposure just by being in this location.
On the Holland Homes Northwoods Border
For businesses that are looking to move away from the city, you may be interested in the west side border of the central Business District. The buildings may have a view of the Parliament house and will be a 5 minute or so walk to Kings Park. Parking and driving in this area is much less congested, making the access easy. Plus, if you, your employees or your customers are driving to the office, parking is cheaper and much easier to find. There is also the Central Area Transit or the CAT that passes through this area which is an excellent form of transportation to this area.
There are many factors that go into renting a commercial building in the Perth area. Make sure that your building covers its bases with a building with great views, safety, transportation and parking.

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