Top 5 Reasons Why Your House May Not Be Selling

The real estate market has greatly changed over the past few years in the USA today and it is causing home owners a great deal of anxiety. In the past, that for sale sign in the front yard was an instant invitation for a quick sale and an instant change in your life. Today the sign may sit there for months and years in some cases and it can be both discouraging and damaging financially. We are here to outline the top 5 reasons why your house may not be selling and these tips can help turn an old for sale sign into a new sold sign.
The main and the most common reason that homes are not selling once put on the market is they are priced too high for the local real estate market. One of the biggest real estate mistakes is to think your home is still worth the price, if not more, that you paid for it. The economy has drastically changed and this includes Commercial Real Estate Investing 101 the real estate market. Before even considering placing a price on your home you should be consulting a realtor within your area and learning about the market you are trying to sell in. Some markets throughout the United States are higher than others and this type of information can definitely help you achieve a sale.
Because of the financial crisis throughout the country today families and home owners are trying to save money everywhere they can and this includes hiring a realtor to help them sell their home. If you are reading this article because you are not selling your home privately, the mistake is clear. Real estate agents have professional knowledge and training when it comes to selling homes. Private sales are never encouraged. Although you will be paying a realtor a commission you will also be dealing with a sale you may not have otherwise had.
Location is still one of the number one reasons why a home may not be selling. The economy has played a role in this aspect of real estate as well. Perhaps in the past your neighbourhood was quite desirable and a real hotspot but today the economy fall has hit it hard and it may not be as desirable. If this is the case it becomes your responsibility to make your home look as presentable as possible so a buyer can overlook the location and focus in on the home of their dreams. This could mean fresh landscaping, new paint, new windows, a clean yard, a home stager to help you present the inside as best as possible and so on. All of these tiny things can help boost the possibility of a sale, even if the location is not at the top of your buyer’s list.
We can’t neglect to mention out dated homes. If you’ve lived in the same home for years or simply have never renovated or updated your home this can be a major negative Property Survey Cost against your sale. People today can’t afford to buy a home and then also renovate the entire property as well. As the seller you have to meet them halfway.
Lastly, take a close look at your real estate agent. Before your home even goes on the market you should be researching and investigating realtors to make sure you have the best one in your area that can get the job done. If you find your realtor is not marketing your home to the best of their ability, consult your contract with them and move on.

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