Thinking About a Commercial Real Estate Investing Course? Buyer Beware

Information products, those fun seminars and systems sold by gurus in every industry, are seeing new heights in popularity and the commercial real estate investing course is no exception. With double digit job loses, a sluggish economy and the constant threat of being the next Real Estate Marketing Websites line item deleted from the budget many people are trying to find alternatives means to make a living. Whether you’re looking for additional or primary income from real estate investments make sure you’re not flushing money down the toilet with subpar real estate courses.
A commercial investing course or any other informational course can easily be thrown together by someone with some experience in the market. But like grandpa used to say, “If they’re making so much money doing it why would they tell me?” Believe me if I knew the million dollar secret I wouldn’t be telling you about it, I’d be blowing my nose with Benjamins in the Bahamas! Most supposed gurus know that they can make a lot of money by simply packing together some basic information, pictures of their “big check” deals and the hot cars they drive. This line of work probably makes them more money than property investing without all the pesky headaches of analyzing, hunting and making deals work.
The “experts” that put together the flashy commercial real estate investing course you might see on late night television or on the internet know Real Estate Marketing Course that most people will buy in, follow along for a little bit but when they hit a road block they will give up and move on to the next big thing.
But it doesn’t have to be this way. Flashy seminars and the hard sell courses are nothing but glitz with no substance. You need to stand back and examine the course and the “guru” to see if it’s what you want to be buying into. The best way to navigate all of this is to get some help. Join a local real estate club and start talking to real experts who make their money at the daily grind of making deals happen as opposed to those who are simply just really good at marketing themselves. Talk to people; ask them what seminars, books or courses are really good.
To find out what commercial real estate investing course is legitimate find yourself a mentor. They can guide you through the choppy waters of real estate courses and seminars and point you in the right direction. Failing that, find a commercial real estate investing course that holds you accountable every step of the way and provides feedback and help when you need it.

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