The Taos, New Mexico Real Estate Market in 2010

Taos, one of the most beautiful ski resorts in the Western United States, is located in the southernmost tip of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in New Mexico. Today, it has some of the most sought-after real estate on the globe.
Taos has a rich history and culture that adds to its appeal as both a vacation destination and a permanent residence. Its unique architecture includes buildings constructed of adobe clay that are centuries old. Today, it is also well known for its “Earthships,” modern, self-sufficient homes that utilize alternative building materials and are extraordinarily environmentally friendly. For more than a century, writers and painters like D.H. Lawrence and Georgia O’Keefe have flocked to the town as well, establishing it firmly as a popular art colony as well as a resort town. These facts and more make Taos real estate highly desirable in 2010.
Traditionally New Mexico’s real estate prices have been among the lowest in the nation. However, as people have moved into the state, property prices have How To Sell Homes Fast For Top Dollar Book increased significantly as have the appreciation rates on New Mexico homes. Real estate in Taos has enjoyed a steady appreciation over the last 15 years.
Housing comes in all shapes, sizes and styles of construction in Taos, including seasonal rentals and full time live-in condos and homes. Among the great Home Builder Meaning variety of listed houses for sale are some of the old adobe homes, which besides their historical value, are recognized as being very energy efficient.
Prices on condominiums in this part of New Mexico begin at about $225,000 and top out at approximately $260,000. Many are sold as vacation properties. Many ski condos are owned by leasing companies and rented out to ski vacationers. Residential homes for sale can have prices as low as $100,000 but could run into the millions of dollars depending on the size, structure and location.
Taos is best known as a ski resort community. As such, it attracts winter visitors who come back yearly for ski trips. After a few years, many of these seasonal visitors decide to purchase Taos Ski Valley property as vacation residences or permanent homes. Land sales and construction of new homes also contributes to the economy of the area. Some considerations buyers should be aware of, prior to purchasing land in the area, include rigorous subdivision regulations, issues dealing with access, road easements, wells and septic systems.
Because of the uniqueness of the real estate market in Taos, it is particularly important to work with an experienced real estate agent or broker who has the expertise and knowledge to guide you through the important and complex issues involved in the purchase of property in this desirable New Mexico town.

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