The Perfect Commercial Real Estate Referral

Providing you do a good job in selling or leasing a property, there is a reasonable likelihood you will get a referral in the future. Referrals are the easiest way to make more listing and commission opportunity come your way.

After every successfully closed and settled property sale or lease, there are two parties to the transaction are likely to have associates or business colleagues that you can talk to. The great advantage of commercial real estate is that it evolves around the business community; successful business people know other business people that may need your services now or in the future.

Asking the question for a referral is therefore part of the sales service and pipeline process. When any referral comes your way, there is a pattern to the process which can strengthen the outcome.

The referral process is best handled in the following way:

Always follow up the referrals yourself and do not delegate to a PA. Property Investment Plan Australia Personal contact is essential to make the referral work for you.

Take the process slowly given that the referral came to you via a friend or business colleague of the person you are now speaking to. Pressure does not need to exist. Building trust in the connection is essential.

If possible, arrange a three way meeting involving your client and the referral person. Social circumstances or informal gatherings are the best way to do this. A networking event or social function will achieve more connection under less pressure. If your client or customer is with you, it is better to let the social connection take the priority.

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Do not sell yourself and your services heavily in the first meeting. Get to know the other person and their property needs first and foremost. They will show some interest in you any way which may swing the conversation in your direction; provide detail as appropriate without pressure.

If it is decided that information can be sent through the mail or e-mail, limit the information to basic material that can be expanded on Real Estate Marketing Course Online in any subsequent meeting. What you’re looking to create here is a one on one meeting with the referral person in their own environment.

After every meeting or connection with the referral person, take time to send a personal note of thanks. What you are seeking to do here is build your brand and level of professionalism as an expert real estate agent.

When the door begins to open on helping the referral person, make sure you over deliver in every respect. This will strengthen the future bond, trust, and opportunity. Providing you satisfy the property need or pain, other referrals will be evident and available.

The referral system is an excellent way of building your business. When used in parallel to general prospecting, it becomes a significant tool of opportunity for more property listings and future commissions.

Real estate agents and salespeople who provide a premium level of service will always generate significant referral opportunity.