The Advantages and Disadvantages of Predictive Dialers

Predictive dialer software is used to automatically place calls that are timed to coincide with the availability of members of the call center staff. Ideally, the software places enough calls that someone will answer and no agents in the call center will have to sit waiting for somebody to talk to. They will not place too many calls, however, as otherwise the customers will pick up the phone only to find that there is no one on the other end.
The advantages of using a predictive dialer system are that it allows call center employees to spend their time actually talking to customers rather than placing call themselves and waiting for somebody to answer and that it. This ensures that the staff in the call center spend less time performing monotonous and boring duties and more time talking to customers. Productivity can be significantly increased when predictive dialing software is used because it reduces the amount of time that an agent has to sit idle between calls.
There are some disadvantages to using predictive dialers, however. Most of these problems are associated with the use of Selling A House Process poor quality software or a system that has not been set up with a concern for the quality of the customer’s experience.
If the system does not have enough data or has not been set up well enough it may be unable to correctly predict how to time the calls that it makes. This could leave some customers picking up silent or abandoned calls since there will be no call center agent available to speak to them. A good predictive dialer should be able to avoid this situation as much as possible by carefully timing its calls so that there will always be a member of the call center staff ready to talk to the customer if they answer the call.
Poorly functioning predictive dialer systems may also make it obvious to the customer that they are receiving an automated call, for example by leaving a long pause between the time when they answer the phone and when they hear somebody Property Surveyor Salary speaking on the other end. This can be very annoying for the person answering the phone and it can also give the impression that the company, which is calling them does not care about them enough to provide a more personal service.
Predictive dialer software can be very useful for large call centers as it allows agents to spend more of their time talking to the customers and improves efficiency and productivity. The system needs to be set up in order to prevent alienating the customers by reducing the quality of the service, however. Smaller companies that need to place fewer calls, or businesses in which the personal touch is valued may find that the disadvantages of using predictive dialer software are not outweighed by the advantages since the increased efficiency will be less important for them.

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