Secure High Yield Investment Opportunity in Real Estate

Investing in real estate can be risky and profitable. However, if you invest properly, you can keep your money safe and profit a great deal Real Estate Investment India as well. In this article, I will discuss a real estate investment opportunity that can yield up to 100% plus total return on investment.
The entire process starts by companies purchasing foreclosed property from banks and selling it to people on installments. Several factors are taken in to account while estimating the value of the property. These factors include condition of the house, how much rent is taken on average in the locality, back taxes if any, and the home value estimate.
The company starts marketing the property after securing it. The price of the house is set keeping the rents of similar properties in the area in mind to make sure that the home is available for a lesser price compared to the rental properties. Monthly payments are normally 20 percent less than existing market rents.
After the buyer submits the application for the property, the company checks the application to ensure that the buyer’s income will be sufficient to pay the monthly installments Real Estate Business Website and other charges like insurance, real estate taxes, utilities and upkeep. Another factor that the company considers is the money that the buyer will have to fix up the house.
After the buyer qualifies for this secure high yield opportunity, the company will do a land contract. The land contract agreement requires the buyers to pay the total price over a period of time at a certain interest rate-15 years at 10% interest rate, for example.
A land contract is a contract in which the buyer is financed by the provider and the buyer makes payments for the house in installments. On completion of the installments, the buyer becomes the owner of the property. Buyers can keep possession of the house while there are making payments.
When you investment in the property, you will be enabling the buyer to own a home on monthly payments via land contract. From that point, you will have the same high returns on investment that banks and other traditional lenders are able to get. This is the secure high yield investment opportunity that gives you high returns.

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