Replace Bathroom Accessories When Renovating to Sell

Those carrying out renovations to their bathrooms, with a view to selling their property may want to finish their projects sooner rather than later, as various estate agents have reported increasing numbers looking to purchase homes this month.
It has been reported that there has been a substantial increase in the number of interested buyers in the property market in December just gone, compared to that of 2009.
And property portal Zoopla has witnessed enquiries climb to over three times those taken at the beginning of last year – the first four days of January saw over one million property searches conducted, suggesting homeowners planning to sell could benefit from finishing their bathroom suite refurbishments and putting their houses on the market now.
Homeowners looking to sell up may wish to consider updating their bathroom suites, as one publication has suggested that doing so could well result in an increased sale price.
According to , homes worth $400,000 (A�250,495) will net around $9,000 more by renovating bathrooms, with some of the latest trends including stone, tumbled marble and natural slate bathroom tiles, as well as an overall luxurious feel.
“Plenty of light, spa style and lots of storage are on the must-have Property Investment Plan Australia list for today’s buyers and homeowners,” it was observed.
Larger shower cubicles with lots of glass are big news right now, while baths have replaced the Jacuzzi as the preferred bathing option.
Other points to consider are lighting – big windows and skylights Do I Need To Do A Survey When I Buy A House are required – and radiant heating is still popular.
Additional trends for 2011 are old-fashioned items in modern homes, funky colours and multifunctional styles.
Such updates could be the key to making a successful sale, as the Liverpool Echo recently noted that it is worth repainting, for example, if the room is currently an unflattering 80s shade and quite a bit past its use-by date.

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