Real Estate Virtual Assistant

A real estate virtual assistant is an untapped position in high demand, with very little competition.

Basically the virtual assistant helps a real estate professional (agent, wholesaler, investor, consultant) by providing research and internet based applications.

Why is there a need for a virtual assistant? In this highly technical information age, a lot of time should be spent marketing and researching on the computer. However real estate is also a business which requires time in the field, looking for properties, networking with people, and time spent by a computer takes away from needed interaction. That is why a lot of the tasks that can be delegated to a virtual assistant, especially to someone who has a genuine interest in the industry, can be beneficial to the professional and the assistant him/herself.

As a virtual assistant, the newcomer can benefit from exposure to a professional who has been in the industry and learn skills and important dynamics that eventually the assistant can use him/herself in becoming an investor.

Some of the services provided by a virtual assistant are:

Short Sale Packaging;


Social media;

Showcase listings via videos;

Internet Marketing;

Website maintenance and updates;

Maintaining client files;

Preparing flyers, postcards and other promotional material;

email campaign;

Follow up phone calls;

Research of tax records, court records, Luxury Real Estate Mentors directories for property owners.

It is fairly easy to find professionals, who need virtual assistants. Some might already have them, but many are so caught up in the daily operations, that they have no time to look for someone to delegate to. Also these professionals, especially investors, are so used in doing it all and having control of the full operation, that they wouldn’t know where to start in looking for an assistant or training one.

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These very busy professionals can be found at the local investors’ meeting, ads on Craigslist (especially the advertisements for short sales or wholesale properties – those are usually linked to a highly motivated How To Sell Property Gta 5 Online dealer) and just by calling realty companies, title companies and mortgage brokers, and asking for a referral on whom they know in the business is very busy and successful (and therefore needs an assistant.)

The compensation can be negotiated by the hour, project or a percentage of sales.

By presenting a business card and a well prepared flyer, highlighting the benefits of an assistant and what he/she can do to alleviate the work load and increase the bottom line, will certainly bring response. The main qualifications for the assistant are computer and basic real estate knowledge. Organizational skills are a must, since the assistant will also be required to multi-task, especially if working with different professionals at the same time.