Real Estate Investors – Why You Should Use 800 Numbers on Bandit Signs

What I would recommend is that you use a 1-800 message. We talked about this I think on one of the very first calls. You have a 1-800 number that will go into a two- or three-minute message about what you can do in terms of buying houses. You would talk about some of the benefits you would provide to them. Do that in terms of your message.
I would not have your personal cell phone on the bandit signs. One reason is because you are going to get a lot of calls, and you probably don’t want to get calls at odd hours of the night. Secondly, you’d rather have the person listen to the voice mail message, determine whether it meets their needs, whether it’s something they’re interested in. Then if they leave a message then you would call them back and pursue them. You do not want to be spending two or three minutes calling 14, 15, 20 people a day giving the same spiel.
Sometimes what will happen is people will call and you’re in the middle of eating, maybe you’re driving or looking at a house, who knows. Inevitably you’re going to be caught at an inconvenient time for you to answer that phone call and deliver a smooth and polished message.
800 Number and Voice Mail
You’re far better off to put an 800 number that drives them into your voice mail system. There you’ve done that pre-recorded message where they can go through and listen to that. Then they can make a determination as to whether they want to call you.
Hopefully everybody understands what a bandit sign is. They are typically designed in what’s called Coroplast. Coroplast is a very thin plastic that’s much like cardboard that has little veins running through it about every inch or half inch.
They’re actually quite strong. They’re water resistant, and if it’s done right and they’re good quality signs, the colors and what not will last for years. You can reuse the signs for a long time. They typically don’t wear out or fade. They can get dirty and beat up, but they’re going to last surprisingly long because they’re made of plastic as opposed to cardboard.
I did provide a small picture of the Coroplast signs in Real Estate Construction Jobs the handout. If you have a chance, take a look at that.
They come in traditional sizes. Typically bandit signs for a real estate message are going to be an 18×24 inch sign. Possibly it could be a bigger sign – 24×30. Quite often we will use a small sign, a little Real Estate Synonym 6 inch high by 24 inch. We use those as pointer signs. If you have places for sale or for rent and you want to drive traffic from a major intersection into your property, we use those types of signs

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