Real Estate Investors – Learn the Most Important Element You Must Have to Make a Successful Offer!

The first step in the instant offer system is simply to build rapport. This is a fundamental building block to any offer. You cannot develop a deal with a seller if you’re not in rapport.
What is a Rapport?
What is rapport? It’s hard to define. It’s not necessarily being friends. It’s not necessarily having a long relationship. It’s not that. It’s a sense that the two of you are on the same page. There’s some comfort between the two of you.
There is starting to be a sense of trust that you’re comfortable with each other. You have a sense that the other person and you are kind of moving in the same direction that both of you want to go.
If you don’t have rapport you cannot move forward in this system. It is absolutely the most essential of the five steps. If you do not have rapport then really the process is over.
The Importance Yellow Sells Houses of Rapport
If you go talk to a seller and the first couple of minutes are very awkward, maybe very argumentative or you say something that the other person doesn’t like – it gets their back up a little bit – the offer process is really over at that point. It really can’t proceed until you come back and you develop that rapport.
It doesn’t mean you can’t come back and get it, but at that point you’ve got to take a minute and build rapport.
How to Develop a Rapport
One of the best ways to develop rapport when you walk into somebody’s home is to start to ask questions and take a little tour of their home. Make comments about some of their belongings in the house.
Maybe they’ve got sports memorabilia and you can make a comment about it if you’re in a sports town. You can talk about the great game a couple of years ago, the When Do You Close On A New Construction Home Superbowl, World Series or whatever. You’re developing some rapport. The two of you are developing some commonalities. You’re starting to understand each other.
If the person has pictures of their kids or something of that nature you can make comments about that. If there’s something about a college, maybe you can make some comments about that – you or somebody you know has been there.
Basically you want to walk through the house with that individual, spend a few minutes and just chat about relatively minor things – nothing important. That is the rapport building process.
You can compliment the house. If it’s decorated nice or there’s something you particularly like about the property, a compliment is obviously a process of building that rapport. It’s important that you go through this step. It’s important that in your mind you take some time.
I know everybody wants to jump to the table and start making the offer, but this process needs to take its time. Let it build and develop naturally. If this walk through takes half an hour, let it take half an hour. Don’t try to force it. Again, the rapport will happen naturally if you allow it to.

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