Real Estate Investments – Introduction

Real Estate (RE) refers to investment in immovable properties which includes land, buildings, flats etc. Investing in real estate involves the purchase of RE and selling it for a profit. Basically investment in RE involves a substantial investment and for a long period Luxury Apartments In Delhi For Rent of time. Majority of the investors invest in the form of buying a house. But RE investment is beyond this and the objective behind the investment is to make profits. Before making a RE investment, the investor should evaluate the risk appetite and investment amount.
The different types of real estate investments are as follows –
1) Rental – This aim of this form of investment is to rent out property to a tenant and earn a continuous stream of rent from the tenant. The value of the property also increases over a period of time. The risk in this form of investment is the owner of the property has to find out a tenant and also need to pay for the maintenance expenses.
2) Trading – Basically traders in real estate in order to make a quick profit buy properties for a short tem ( six months) and sell them at a profit. Traders look out for buying undervalued properties/very hot properties and sell them at a profit.
3) Long Term Investment – There is a certain group of investors who invests in real estate basically plot of land from a long term perspective. The objective is over a period of time the value of the property Average Time To Sell A House By Zip Code will rise and the owner will make a profit by selling it. The biggest flaw in this investment is money is blocked for an indefinite period and the appreciation of the property value is unpredictable.

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