Real Estate Investment Training – Finally We Have Reached The BOTTOM!

We Have Now Reached The Bottom Of The Real Estate Market!
In January of 2006 we reached the TOP of the real estate market. At that time if you were holding property, it would have been the time to sell. As of November of 2010, for homes priced at $200,000 or less, I believe we are at the BOTTOM. The high-end home market and the commercial real estate market are not yet at the bottom. August of 2008 was a turning point of the market when the mortgage lending side of the market had officially dried up. At that time the sub prime mortgage market was going through it’s finale meltdown and by October 2008 it was just off the charts.
Now Is The Time To Start Looking Nerdwallet Down Payment Again At The Real Estate Market.
Imagine if you will that this real estate market for the last few years has been like an eighteen wheeler going down a mountain out of control. Many times a large and heavy vehicle like an eighteen wheeler has to ride their brakes going down and sometimes the brakes fail and they have no way to stop. Even those little incline slopes built to stop run away trucks could NOT stop their massive amount of weight combined with uncontrolled speed.
But Now Something Has Happened.
Many Attorney Generals along with many banks have voluntarily put a stop to this foreclosure process because of all the fraud they have magically began to uncover. For over a year now we have been hearing about fraudulent loan practices, but no one wanted to listen to it. So finally they are paying attention to it and this is bringing that run away truck to a halt. Even though it will not stop it all the way, it doesn’t matter. What this economy needed is something to jump in front of this run away truck and find a way to slow it down and that is what is happening now with the freezing of foreclosures.
What Effect Will This Have On The Market?
First, it will begin to dry up this unending supply of new foreclosed homes that have been driving home prices down. It is almost as if another eighteen wheeler was put in front of the run away Does A Land Contract Have To Be Recorded one and is slowly bringing the first truck to a stop. And even if it should break free of that second truck, it is now going slow enough that it could be controlled the rest of the way down.
Now, banks will begin to get better control of what they are doing and it is very possible the government might step in. But what ever actually happens it is going to slow down this market enough to have these people get back in control.
Soon home buyers will start to realize that with no more foreclosures coming into the market to drive prices down, they had better get serious about buying before prices begin to go up. This well mean we are going to see more and more buyers begin to come back into the market over the next few months.
Now that we have seen the bottom we can expect to see appreciation in prices again in the next six months, but in a more controlled way. So by Spring of 2011 you can expect to see home prices begin to go up by say 2-3% for example.

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