Real Estate Investment Philosophy

Your philosophy when it comes to purchasing successful investment real estate should be to look for the highest capital growth opportunities, combined with a good rental return to enable you to maintain repayments over the life of the investment.
The key driver behind the purchase of an investment property for your self is to create secure, passive income stream that can be used to support yourself into the future and into retirement.
According to government statistics conducted in the US, UK, most of Europe and Australia, most people in the western world spend 104 per cent of their earned income. The extra 4% generally comes from credit card debt and personal loans.
Having a “job” is the most inefficient source, or means of earning an income. In a job you can only earn money by way of exchanging your time for cash. Builders By Design Bowling Green Ky That means that your earning potential is capped by how much time you are physically able to work, or ultimately by the number of hours in a week.
An American named John Astor had the Solution:
The world’s first ever millionaire was a man by the name of John Astor who made some money trading furs back in the early 1800s. He then saw the security of real estate and bought all he could. His advice to his family? “Buy 3% Commission Realtors every foot of land on the island of Manhattan.” He died with his fortune intact, leaving his kin $20 million in ‘s more than $450 BILLION in today’s money! The truth remains…there is security in ask John Astor’s family!

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