Real Estate Investing – Profitably & Successfully Building Your Real Estate Investment Portfolio

Start Small and Learn How To Buy A House With No Money Your Craft
Everything about buying a single house as an investment is just as true for a duplex, a triplex, a fourplex or an apartment building of any size. The only difference is the scale.
The only limiting factors are your own imagination and your resources. This is why it is better to start small and grow in knowledge and skill one step at a time, expanding your imagination and vision of what is possible for you, and more important, increasing your knowledge and experience.
If you start building your real estate portfolio with a single house, your first house will be more difficult than any other project you have ever engaged What Are Resale Homes in. The second house will not be quite as difficult as the first house. The third house will be much easier than the first and second houses.
By the time you’ve done this ten times, and many people will do this ten times in the first two years as a real estate investor, you will be an expert.
Purchasing Apartments
The formula for buying apartments is simple. You purchase this income producing property with the lowest down payment possible, just as you would a house.
You then upgrade the property if necessary by renovating and refurbishing with paints and carpets. You raise the rents on the newly renovated units and look for ways to reduce the expenses so that you can increase the net cash flow. You then use the additional cash flow to refinance and get a bigger mortgage.
Once you have remortgaged the apartment, you take your money out of the project to invest in another property and then do it all over again. This entire process may take 3-5 years with an apartment building. This depends on your buying it properly, in the right city, under the right terms and conditions, and on your managing it professionally from the very first day.
Many people who started with single family homes now own hundreds or even thousands of apartments freeand clear. They have taken all their cash out of the apartments and everything that they receive is free cash flow.
Look For Properties with Potential
The key to success is to search for properties that have the potential to be upgraded in value by improving the properties and then raising the rents.
To put it another way, you look for properties where the rents are low relative to the market and theneighborhood.
Finding these properties requires a lot of research, and that is why you use the Law of 100. Look at 100 properties before you make an offer on the first one, even if you find an outstanding property the second one you look at it.
Always look at 100 to give yourself a thorough familiarity with everything that is available in the market. Discipline yourself to carefully examine 100 properties before you make your first offer. This will pay you back in thousands and thousands of dollars of increased income or savings.
Sources of Properties
How do you find income producing properties? There are several sources that you can tap into. First of all, read the ads in the newspapers and in the smaller neighborhood papers. Anyone who has a property for sale advertises it in the paper.
But remember, most of the properties that are advertised in the paper are overpriced. There is something wrong with them. Nobody sells a piece of property that is generating a reasonably high return with a low level of trouble and inconvenience at a good price.
Drive through the Neighborhood
The second way to find income producing properties is for you to drive through the neighborhood that you are interested in, and take down the phone numbers on every sign of houses for sale.
Contact every realtor that works in the area and tell them exactly what you are looking for. Tell them that you are looking for income producing properties and that you have money to spend on them, if they are suitable to you.
Run Your Own Ads
You can also run your own ads asking for income producing properties. Your ad can be as simple as:”
Real Estate Investor seeking good income producing properties phone John Smith at 555-5555.”
Have business cards printed with the title “Real Estate Investor”on them and give one to everybody you talk to. Tell them if they hear of an income producing property that is for sale, to have the owner give you a call.

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