Real Estate and the Negative Media

Regardless of your view of today’s national and local media, which usually becomes a political discussion, I believe it’s hard to deny The Cheapest Country To Buy Property the fact that their daily opinions and agenda shape public opinion. Not only is it the case in politics, but in real estate as well.
For real estate agents like myself, they are my competitive enemies, and my competition has a marketing budget that’s hard to contend with. The consistent and unrelenting message for some time now is that real estate is away from it, don’t touch it, scary things are happening there. This message has caused home owners that are qualified to sell and/or buy to wait thinking that any move in real estate will result in catastrophe.
My only hope in the face of such ‘expert analysis’ is to consistently get the message out to my clients and sphere that real estate is local and each situation is unique. This is especially true in the fact that, as I type this, rates are at ALL-TIME lows. This increases the buying power for home How To Buy A House Reddit buyers to such an extent that many can make a move up in their living situation and maintain a similar monthly payment. My mantra is simple: what you lose on the front end (the sale of your home) you gain on the back end (an amazing interest rate and a low purchase price on your home purchase).
Now let me address the inevitable nay-sayers. I recognize many sellers can’t sell because they are short on their house (they owe more on their loan than what the house is worth.) Yes, this is the case more often than not, at least if my last 20 seller meetings are representative of the market.
I’m talking to those that don’t even make the call to have me do a free market analysis to determine what you would net from your sale and what your purchase would cost given LOCAL market conditions. This information may surprise some to know that now is a perfect time to sell and buy.
When home sales are up, the media will become a real estate agent’s friend again. It’s as predictable as taxes. In their eyes, only a booming real estate markets means things are well. There seems to be no perspective at all in the midst of foreclosures and a slow economy. I must counter this nonsense with consistent perspective to my sphere that will help them understand an accurate assessment of the state of my local real estate market.

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