Real Estate, a Confidence Game

I started investing in houses when I was eighteen. I was a punk-kid with a dream. Well wait a minute. I really started as a real estate agent and writing home loans. It was almost a year of babysitting other people’s dreams before I had enough, and started doing what I really wanted.
In my pursuit of real estate as investment I stumbled upon a book, it mentioned how agents made a 6% COMMISSION. I did the math and I was sold! Later I realized that being an successful agent AND having a license are two very different things. At once, I freed myself of the bureaucracy and dove head first into buying houses – for myself. Which brings us to confidence.
At this point I can’t even grow a proper beard or five-o-clock shadow. How do I aspire to greatness and buy 20 houses my first year investing when I look like I’m What Are Real Estate Trusts fifteen? We’ll I never did. I ended up with roughly 12. Let’s look at some of the elements that impacted my early success and that will truly help with yours:
Say Less
Most people when nervous talk too much. And their talking reveals their newness. By saying less you will have an air of mystique and people will automatically think you have more experience than you have.
A I’m-going-to-win Purchase Agreement Legal Description Attitude
If you approach your business – and life – with an attitude of winning you will exude a vibe of success. And, that alone will aid in actual success. Not to mention the affects of attraction. I’m talking about a true attitude, a feeling of “I will win!” This article is not an in-depth in its function, but I know you have seen or have books on this topic, read them again.
Be Educated
Whether you are working short sales, flips, or fast wholesale assignments doesn’t concern me. There is money in all of these strategies. Focus on one and study until you can’t stand it. Then start! Experience tells me you can end up in research paralysis. Don’t. You MUST begin. After you study, start. After you start, notice how prepared you really are.
Within confidence hides many keys to business success. However, your forward warning is to remember confidence is not arrogance. Confidence is knowing you will win because you are well prepared, you have thought out your actions, and you know what is coming – for the most part. It all starts with saying less… “I’d like to buy your house.”

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