Personal Investor Plan – Use Your Available Resources

Personal Investor Plan- Use your Top Real Estate Agents In California Available Resources to Get More
I have a powerful point to make today, and that’s this. It’s tough to focus on expanding your resources for your personal investor plan, if you don’t know what your resources are right now. How about a quick insightful story to illustrate this point…
There was once a poor immigrant woman making a long journey on a ship to America, in hopes of starting a new life here in the ‘land of opportunity’.
Using almost all of her money for the passage, she had no money remaining What Is Real Estate for the many amenities she knew to be aboard the ship.
Nor did she have money to begin a new life in America. She only knew that she had to get to the United States, whatever it took.
Spending most of the rest of her money not accounted for by the cost for passage on bringing aboard only enough food to sustain her on her journey, nothing fancy but only the most basic food staples, she stayed confined in her shipboard cabin and was careful to ration her meager meals from the small store of provisions she brought aboard.
She waited and she worried, ate a little and hungered a lot as she went hungry throughout much of the trip.
On the last day of the trip, however, she decided to give her spirits a much needed boost in preparation for the bright new future she was hoping she would find in America.
Thus, she decided to spend a little of the very little money she had remaining, and that she had saved without spending on the many shipboard luxuries she knew were available. As a last pre-departure treat and to reward herself for the sacrifices she’d made, as well as to get her into good spirits about the somewhat uncertain prospects she would have in her new country with barely more than just the clothes on her back, on that last day on the cruise ship she decided to splurge and have a good meal.
Looking forward to something tastier than the bland fare she had subsisted on for the duration of the trip, she ventured out of her cabin to find a restaurant.
When she got to the ship’s luxurious dining room, she was overwhelmed with the amount of delicious food on the buffet and, believing she might not be able to afford a meal after all, cautiously asked a waiter how much it would cost to eat there.
Looking at her incredulously, the waiter told her that all the delicious food on the journey was completely free, and she could eat as much as she wanted. She was completely astonished. She could’ve been enjoying five sumptuous meals every day, instead of being starved half to death subsisting on rations in her tiny cabin.
The waiter saw her face and further commented, “Ma’am, everything you see is already paid for by your price of passage on the ship” and went on to tell her about all the great shipboard amenities she had already had access to, if only she’d realized.
She could have enjoyed all the facilities of the ship, all the fun and entertainment, the food as well as the games, dancing, swimming and classes. Instead, she had confined herself to her cabin, believing it was all she had available to her.
Many people can relate to that story.
Too many of us go through life half starved with just enough money to get by at the end of the month, and others who do well financially never gain the freedom to enjoy the money we’ve earned– definitely not enough for the quality lifestyle and the dignity we so richly deserve.
That’s why it’s so very important to know exactly what we have available to us right now, all of our resources of every kind. In fact, I think it’s so important for our clients to know where they are starting from with regards to their various resources (both financial and non-financial) that many of our passive investors are surprised when we provide them with a personal investor plan exercise that helps them do those very things.
The point of this article and lesson is this: wherever you are today, there’s a chance you’re not utilizing every resource available to you. Those who need more money can find more by taking stock of their time assets and investing them more effectively. Likewise, those who need want more time freedom can gain more by taking stock of their monetary assets and investing them more effectively.
In the same way, whatever resource you are seeking I believe can be gained by taking stock of your existing resources and using them more effectively.
Like the woman on the cruise ship in my lesson story for you today, chances are you are right now in possession of more than you think you are. Isn’t it time to find out?

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