Orillia Real Estate and the New Year

Today I decided to take a look at the single family residential sale statistics for Orillia, Ontario for the month of December 2010 and the year 2010 in general. There are so many different statistics that can be manipulated in many ways to produce either positives or negatives… Basically, what I was concerned with was the activity on our local real estate board with a focus on the average sale price and the sales/listing ratio.
Once again, I am strictly looking at single family dwellings that were reported to the Orillia & District Real Estate Board. I am not taking into consideration any commercial, multi-family, or rental dwellings.
December 2010:
Listings What Makes A Good Home Builder 47
Sales 41
Listings/Sales 87%
Average Sale Price $248159
December did not have a huge number of listings which is to be expected for the Orillia market. The number of sales produced a relatively good month for December and that resulted in a high listing/sale ratio of 87%. The average price of the sale was lower than what was seen for the year in general.
For 2010 overall:
Listings 1755
Sales 835
Listings/Sales Is A Mortgage A Service Contract 48%
Average Sale Price $262,502
Over the larger sample size, truer statistics emerge with a listing/sales ratio of 48% and an average price of sale at $262,502.
Comparing the year to date statistics of December 2010 to December 2009, the numbers are virtually identical for the number of listings and sales but there was a larger increase in the average price of sale at about 5.5%.
For 2009 overall:
Listings 1755
Sales 832
Listings/Sales 47%
Average Sale Price $248,238
With interest rates still at historically low levels, the start to 2011 looks good for the real estate market in Orillia.

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