Minneapolis Condos Offer Choices, Convenience

In the famous opening sequence of The Mary Tyler Moore show, the single career woman throws her Tam o’Shanter in the air with a joyful Target Audience For Luxury Real Estate smile on her face. It reminded a generation of young women that the world was wide open to possibilities and opportunity.
It was not just the job and friends, but also appealing was the idea of living in Minneapolis and the cute apartment Mary called home. And whether you like cute apartments, cozy loft living, or elegant modern designs, housing is abundant. Minneapolis is a vibrant city with nearly 500,000 people and combined with St. Paul, the region has over three million people, making real estate choices as diverse as the people who call Minnesota home.
Like most other cities in the U.S., condominiums are very popular. Condo owners pay fees to home the owners association for the outside maintenance of the property and the freedom from these responsibilities allow for more time to live – like Mary Tyler Moore.
In Minneapolis, condos start as low as $54,000, but like all real estate, prices increase depending on condition and location. The proximity to the universities in Minneapolis and St. Paul and access to public transportation add to the value. Some condos have very strict pet policies, but more and more are becoming animal friendly. In addition, condominiums are also cognizant of the lifestyles residents enjoy by providing exercise facilities, swimming pools, and on-site business centers. Inside, there’s the added perk of warm gas heat, a definite plus for living in a cold weather environment.
Cold weather doesn’t stop Minnesotans from having a good time. In downtown Minneapolis you will find the famous Brit’s Pub and Eating Establishment. While most cities Cluster Homes For Sale have pubs, what’s unique about Brit’s is the lawn bowling located on the roof. There are specific rules that must be followed, specifically that the balls must roll!
Also downtown is Peavey Plaza which offers outdoor concerts during the summer. Before you take in the concert, sample one of the numerous outdoor eating areas along downtown’s Nicollet Mall. One local favorite is a visit to Liberty Frozen Custard, with a fun 50s gas station design. If all the eating available in Minneapolis is too much for the healthy and physically fit minded crowd, there are plenty of parks and river fronts for joggers to use as they ready themselves for the Twin Cities Marathon held annually in October.
Like other parts of the country, jobs in this urban area can be hard to find, but commerce, health care, and finance, as well as universities, are the biggest employers. There should be no worries, however, in finding a great place to live in Minneapolis because real estate is both plentiful and affordable.

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