Metro Likely to Change the Face of Panama City

Panama will soon get its second railway in 150 years. Panama Metro Line 1 is expected to relieve the growing traffic problems caused by growing prosperity in the capital city. Unlike the Panama Canal Railway which almost exclusively carries freight across the isthmus the new metro will be designed to carry 40,000 passengers an hour between 4:30 am and midnight seven days a day through the most congested areas. It is projected to be sufficient for public transportation needs on its route through 2035. What is also of interest is that the metro may change the commercial and residential face of Panama.
Current Status of the Metro
The number of bidders for Panama Metro Line 1 has been culled down to three. All three remaining bidders have passed a number of tests including having demonstrated the ability to construct and provide rolling stock for a working train service.
The Cima consortium is made of companies from Spain, Japan, and Mexico. The Consorio L?�nea Uno has companies from Brazil and Spain. Grupo Italiano Metro Panam?? is all Italian. All three of these consortia are recognized throughout the world as builders of metro type transport systems (as well as high speed/bullet trains).
What is of great interest to residents of the city is that an efficient metro system will easy the traffic congestion that has come with middle class success and the addition of up to 4,000 new cars month to city streets.
What is of further interest to those living and investing in Panama is how an efficient metro will change where people choose to live, shop, and set up businesses. This mix of possibilities, coupled with the current depression of the high end of the real estate market, may provide unique opportunities for Real Estate Listing Agent License Lookup Ga business and real estate investment in the city. Real estate prices have been growing as much as 30% a year again but there are still depressed/distressed properties. These properties are new and waiting for buyers. Depressed properties along the new metro line could be excellent investment opportunities.
The fourteen kilometer, sixteen station route will start at the National Bus Terminal adjacent to the Albrook Mall, pass above ground to the proposed government office complex in Curund?? and then underground to Plaza Cinco de Mayo and under Via Espa?�a to Via Brazil. From Via Brazil the route will pass to V?�a Fern??ndez de C?�rdoba from where it will run above ground to Los Andes.
The system run on conventional steel rails and the trains will be powered on high voltage electric grid derived from the public electric system. Cars are expected to be 2.7 meters wide by 18 meters long with flexible couplings. The finished Metro will have the capacity to carry 40,000 passengers an hour between Highest Quality Home Builders 4:30 am and midnight seven days a week, and is expected be sufficient for public transportation needs on this route through 2035. As metro hubs traditionally become mini commercial and apartment centers the map provided by the metro authority is of interest and also available upon request to the author.

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