Make Money Investing in Texas Real Estate

Foreign and domestic investors alike are throwing their hat into the Texas property arena. In the current state of the economy, it may very well be the safest and most profitable investment in the United States.
Lets take a quick look at the market Different Real Estate Transactions in Houston right now…
Last May marked the 12th consecutive month of positive sales and growth in the Houston real estate market. The sales of single-family homes rose 29% since May Property Surveyor Salary of last year with and 8.5% increase in average sales price. Strong sales on homes from $250,000 and up pushed the average housing price up to historic levels.
For potential investors, probably the most important statistic is month end pending sales, which totaled 4,476, up 10.5% since last May. This suggests a further increase in sales for the upcoming months. Foreclosed sales totaled 7,327 in May, an increase of over 24% from that of last year. The large volume of sales has caused the price of these foreclosed homes to rise 4.1% to over $80,000 per home.
All this positive news may come as a surprise to many people. It is true, buyers and sellers alike are experiencing a national market filled with over-appreciated homes and a shortage of home-buyers. Texas seems to be the anomaly. Why?
“Texas Real Estate defies US property market” says Texas Real Estate Magazine.
Texas has an impressive 11.5% estimated profit increase according to the ROI. Of course, profit increase doesn’t mean much to investors who have trouble finding tenants, such as in areas with high unemployment like California and Detroit. It’s a good thing that Houston is a job creating machine that expects to have created more than 810,000 new jobs by the end of 2012.
Is Houston good for foreign investors?
In the past year, Texas has accounted for 10% of all international sales by foreign investors, coming in 3rd behind Florida (26%) and California (16%). There are a couple of reasons why foreign investors have suddenly turned their eyes toward the Lone Star. First, Texas has the single most self-sustaining economy in the country, experiencing stable growth on all levels. Second, Texas is one of the easiest states for foreign investors to set up an LLC.
Homes are going fast with an 18.1% decline in available listings over the past year. Also, the number of available single family homes has reached its lowest point in the past 5 years. The market is in a position where the sooner you act, the more returns you’re likely to earn.

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