Knowing More About The Different Types of Real Estate Investment

If you are a new investor in the real estate market, then knowing about the different types of real estate investment would go a long way in helping you make wise decisions. Yes, when you know this, you can effectively maximize your chances of earning reasonable income through such investments. Listed below are the different types. They are:
• Residential: In this type of investment, we are referring to vacation houses, apartment buildings, condos, townhouses and other types of houses where the occupants pay to live, alone or with their families. How long they stay is mainly determine by the rental or lease agreement between you and them.
• Retail: This refers to storefronts, strip malls and shopping malls. In this type of investment, the buildings are built or bought and rented out for the sole purpose of serving as retail outlets for various types of businesses to business owners at agreed rental rates.
• Commercial: This is where the office buildings come in. When it comes to real estate investment, you can made good money by constructing or buying already built property with individual offices which are subsequently leased or rented out to small business owners or corporations.
• Industrial: This is the type of property that is made up of special purpose units like car washes, storage units and lots more. They are known for generating reasonable income from rendering certain services to customers Buying A House Checklist Pdf who wish to use the facilities. For example, in the car wash unit, you can have an ice vending machine or a coin-operated vacuum cleaner which goes further to maximize the earning potentials of such investment.
• Mixed Use: Among the several types of real estate investment, this particular one is very unique. It is mostly suitable for those who own significant assets. It is all about combining several categories of real estate investments and forming them into one, excluding residential. You can build or buy a property that caters for retail, commercial and industrial service providers. If for example, the property is a three story building, you can lease out the ground floor to a bank, the second floor to an insurance company and the remaining floors to other corporate businesses. Then you can build shops around the property and lease them out to hair salons, confectioners, gym and others. However, there should be a built-in diversification so that every business has its own major entrance in order to minimize and at the same time, control the risks of doing business in a mixed use property.
So, now that you are aware of all these, you are good to go as far What Is A Realtor Job as real estate investment is concerned, even as a new investor.

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