Is It Possible to Make a Six-Figure Income in Today’s Real Estate Market?

When the Real Estate market was climbing in the double digit range year after year for the first seven years of this decade it was fairly easy to make a consistent six figure yearly income. Times have changed and not for the better. The stock market has fallen so low that investors have run from it. And the Real Estate market, your home included, has lost as much as a third of it value in many parts of America. The Bond market Selling House 2019 pays a whopping 1% — if you are lucky. Many people are afraid of losing their jobs and everything they have worked for. Consequently, most American’s are sitting on their money. Businesses are doing the same thing and spending only when it is necessary. Are we headed for even worse times than what we have encountered over the past 3 to 4 years. Probably, if no one does anything different than what is currently being done.
But there is one place to put your money with very little risk and a very great return — plus it is sanctioned by many state governments. That place is into Tax Certificates. Most properties in America have property taxes that the property owners are responsible to pay. These taxes help run our government and it is fairly spread among all property owners (the more you own, the more you are taxed). These Tax Certificates are usually about 1% to 3% of the Tax Assessed value of the property. If a person doesn’t pay his/her property tax bill then it becomes a tax lien on the property. These tax liens if left unpaid are eventually converted by many states into Tax Certificates, which are eventually sold to investors who want a very high yield on their money. If a person pays their property tax bill then the investor gets his original investment plus a high interest rate on their money returned to him/her. If a person does not pay their property taxes, then in due time, the Tax Certificate investor can apply for the Tax Deed on the property.
There is a very good chance that the investor could end up with the Tax Deed to the property for a fraction of the property’s true value. Many investors acquire real estate this way and when he/she does, the property can be sold for a very sizable How Not To Sell Your House return. Or the investor can hold the property and earn a nice rental income from it. The investor can easily net three to four times their original investment and create a consistent six-figure yearly income — regardless of the economy.

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