Invest In Romania

Darwin wrote a long time ago (1859) in his book “the theory of evolution” that neither the strongest species neither the most intelligent survives…..rather the most adaptable.
I guess this theory applies in every aspect of life and seemingly in real estate too. The real estate party started in 2000 and started ending in the summer of 2008, back then every body was trying to make a good profit in the “el Dorado of Balkans”.
No business plan, no target the greed for a quick profit and all that in a period in which as an owner the liquidity of the real estate was comparing with the one of the stock market.
Today the cruel reality the investors are facing is that there is no one to sell to except the “end user”. The only real need to be satisfied is the need for housing since the need for speculation us surpassed by the fear of financial “stagnation”
So what is the real estate segmentation right now?
Most of the real estate transactions are up to 70-80.000 euro, this amount being the “ceiling” since the credits obtained by the population are warranted from the National Bank of Romania up to this amount (prima casa).
The question is which is going to be the trend the following years to How To Buy A House With No Money come and if the old communist bloc apartment will continue selling.
A couple of months ago a friend of mine called me very happy to announce me that she was going to buy an apartment.
Since she wanted my opinion I asked her two questions…
The first was the year the block was it was about 1975…. and the second questions was…”after 10 years whom are you going to sell to?”.
There was a pause on the phone and after she thanked me she told me she had to think it again….I really don’t think is necessary to mention what she did after all but we all know what she didn’t.
After all some times the answer is inside Buying A House Checklist Pdf problem is to find the right questions.

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