How Well Do You Know Your Private Investors?

It’s critical to know your private investor prospects if you want to market your opportunity effectively to them.
Take this quick quiz to see how well you know and understand your prospects. If you can’t answer these questions, how can you be sure that you are attracting the right people to invest money with you? How can you be sure you are reaching them with a compelling Cheapest States To Buy A House 2019 message about why investing with you beats the pants off of the stock market or any other investment? How can you be sure you are tapping into the conversation they are already having inside their own head with respect to placing funds with you?
I would argue that you can’t. And if you can’t do these things, you won’t know your investors well enough to pull seven figure sums.
Answer the following 10 questions. Give yourself 1 point for each question you can answer and 0 for each one you can’t.
1. Who are they?
2. Where do they live… work… play?
3. What problem do they have Reasons Not To Buy A House After Inspection that you can solve?
4. How does your investment fit into their life?
5. What else do they place their money?
6. Where do they get information about investments?
7. What is most important to them?
8. What are they most afraid of?
9. What is their emotional connection to your opportunity?
10. How will they rationalize investing with you?
Tally up your score.
0-3 correct = Needs improvement
4-7 correct = Adequate but could be better
8-10 correct = You are well on your way to seven-figure private money!
How did you do? If you scored in the lower range, don’t worry. You can quickly learn about your private investors by spending a little time on it. It is important to take some time to get to know your investors. Learn all you can about them. Use this quiz as a guide. When you do you’ll be able to speak directly to them each time they get a marketing piece from you or when you sit down with them.
If you take a look around, there’s a lot of competition for investment dollars. Financial firms and banks are starving for capital. If you know your investors better than these firms do, you’ll get the money. If you choose not to pay attention to the type of person that is likely to invest with you, you are effectively short-changing yourself in raising money.
At the top of your mind should be the fact you DO have a great opportunity for someone to make a nice return on their money and also do business with someone they like. You must exploit this combination of power triggers to bring out the checkbooks. The only way to do this is to crawl inside the private investor’s head.

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