How to Prep a Home for Retail Sale

There is considerable debate as to the most effective and appropriate way to present a home during the sale process. Some maintain that the home should be sterile, pristine, as if it had never been set foot in; others disagree, feeling instead that the buyer should walk in and feel as though they could sit down on the couch and Alabama Real Estate License Transfer start living there. Obviously, there is no right answer, and the manner in which you decide to sell your home will ultimately be a function of your style, budget, and needs. I am not here to answer that question, but rather to provide a few basic guidelines which should be fundamental to the process, regardless of the style.
The easiest place to start is the exterior. The rule of thumb here is that the property does not have to be the most stunning on the block, but it should at least fit in. That means if every house has some landscaping but no garage, then your home should at the very least have some landscaping. This is not an attempt to out-do, but merely to fit in. If you choose to exceed (build a garage and plant a garden), great! But it is not one of the basic requirements. Be sure to check the roof, the exterior walls, window shutters, etc.
With most things, I find moderation to be the key. With the interior of a home, it is often best to include some furnishings (don’t strip the place bare). That is, leave some furniture in place, but remove all photos, mementos, souvenirs, or anything else that might hint at the fact that this is your home. Generally speaking, people are more uncomfortable when they are constantly reminded that they are traipsing around through someone’s living space-it is better to let them focus on the property itself.
How much you furnish and decorate is up to you, but it is essential to clean thoroughly. This means the standards (washing, vacuuming, having carpets cleaned and wood waxed, etc.), but also minor repairs like chipped paint or electrical outlets. Anything that makes your home look shoddy needs to be amended. Keep the smell of the Investing In Rental Property For Beginners home in mind (especially in kitchens, laundry rooms, basements, and bathrooms, where smells tends to build up over time and leave a nasty impression). When presenting, consider something to enhance the fragrance (anything from flowers to a spray can), so that the buyers don’t walk away with a bad taste in their mouth-literally.
Again, so much of what you do when presenting your home is going to be determined by personal preference, how much time you have to spend, and what you can afford. But be sure that your home is not a sore thumb in your neighborhood, keep it clean and impersonal, and be friendly and personable when presenting it. This is all any buyer will ask, and it is not too difficult to provide. Everything beyond these standards is just bonus-but be careful of overkill, you don’t want to “wow” any buyers right back to their cars!

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