How to Overcome the 3 Main Challenges When Sending Postcards to Potential Sellers

Two Types of What To Fix Up When Selling A House Postcards
Typically there are two kinds of postcards. There is the 4 ¼ x 6 inch postcard. This is what we will call the small postcard. There is also the 5 x 8 postcard and we’ll call that the large.
There is a jumbo postcard if you want to go to that. It’s 11 inches across and it’s about five or six inches wide. I don’t really get involved in that. I know Richard Roop does a whole program on that postcard, but typically I am not talking about those types of postcards. I’m talking about the more traditional 4 ¼ x 6 or 5 x 8 postcards.
We do our postcards very simple. They are white cardstock for the most part. You can do some other colors. You can do a canary yellow. For the most part Real Estate Broker Requirements I recommend white. I think it works, it’s simple, and it’s the cheapest. I wouldn’t deviate too much from it unless you have some real reason to do it.
A postcard done particularly through and Click2Mail will have one entire side that is your message. We’ll talk about that in a minute, but it will have your headline, message, and all that on one side.
The other side of the postcard you get about half of the postcard. You can maybe put a headline in there, some teaser copy or something of that nature on about one half of the card.
Typically on that side we only put something pretty brief and short. It’s just enough to generate some interest and get the person to turn the card over and then get the full message. The primary back of the card is where you put your message.
Why postcards and why do they work? We’ve talked about this numerous times so far in this marketing series. There are really three primary challenges to any marketing campaign – not just real estate. Those are getting it opened, getting it read, and getting action.
Three Challenges to Getting Your Postcard Read
Think about a postcard. It solves the first challenge – getting it opened. They don’t have to open it. I’m sure many of you get your mail in the afternoon or evening and you probably go into the kitchen, pull out the trash can like I do, and start weeding through your mail.
Everything that looks like junk goes immediately into the trash can and never gets opened. I know you guys are busy, so I doubt any of you are wasting your time opening a bunch of junk mail. All that expense that guy went through to send that and it never gets opened. Postcards don’t have this problem. We don’t have to get it opened. It overcomes that first challenge.
The second challenge is getting it read. We can certainly move this process along fairly nicely by crafting a really interesting and strong benefit-laden headline. If you do a really good headline, people will read that because it’s already opened.
There’s a very good likelihood if they read the headline and it piques an interest in them that they will continue to read. The whole point is you must have a good, strong headline that will entice them to continue to read your card. That overcomes challenge number two.
Challenge three is getting action. This is done by providing a very strong call to action. You provide them with free information, free report, or free consultation, and you give them multiple ways to reach out to you to try to do that. To get action you must have a strong call to action. These are the three challenges you fact as a marketer.

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