How to Generate Real Estate Leads With QR Codes

In recent real estate news everyone has been talking about the amazing bar code that can be scanned by cell phones. In this how Cluster Housing Design Concept to I will give you some ideas on how to use these codes to hopefully generate you some leads and get peoples contact info.
Step one: figure out what you want your leads to see when they scan a code. A common mistake is sending people to your website which is not optimized for mobile and does not have any value to the consumer when they scan it. What you can do though is send them to your business Facebook page where they can “like” you and you all of the sudden have someone to market to automatically! You can also make a Google site or form with school information, or buying tips, get pre qualified. for the specific house if that’s where they are scanning from, or a form they can can fill out to receive more listings from or set appointments to see a property which is great because you will have their contact info. If they scan if from a business card you can make a Google page that will give the person links to Facebook, LinkedIn, blog and so on. (Google sites will be covered in another post).
Step two: create some bar codes. There are many free QR code generator sites and you just have to Google QR code to find them. This part is simple. Just copy and paste the desired URL into a box and click generate to make the code. It takes about 3 seconds but make sure you test the barcode before saving it. (Tip: if its a long URL you get a huge code box which takes longer to scan and doesn’t work as well. You can go to and shorten the web address which will make you a much better bar code).
Step three: put the codes on stuff. You can put the codes just about anything. Signs, paper flyers, water bottles, yard signs, business cards, even a baby! Its fast and easy so you can make a bunch of the to correspond with any of the pages talked about in step one that will give consumers a reason to “follow” “like” “friend” or fill out a form. Just make sure its useful.
I hope these tips are useful for you and if anyone out there manages to actually generate substantial business from these, I want to know about it! This technology is still Indianapolis Turnkey Rentals new but I think in the near future these will be huge for business as people will want to save everything on a smart phone that they can pull from the real world.
Ryan Schattner
Escrow Coordinator PLUS

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