How To Break Away From The Competition When Selling Your Home

There’s a lot of competition these days if you’re trying to sell your home; not a lot of people are buying, but a lot of people are trying to sell, so how do you stand out among the competition?
There is a new home-selling program available to homeowners and many people may not be familiar with how this program works. Anytime we hear the word “free” we think, “Nothing is free!” So here’s how it really works…
The bottom line is that the only homes that are selling in today’s market are the ones that are priced the best. There are agents out there that are so committed to helping people price their homes well, that they will waive their fee in order to do so. And, if a homeowner can reduce the costs associated with listing their home then they will be able to bring their price under the competition and sell their home more quickly.
The challenge is that people have a hard time believing that an agent will actually list their home and go to work for them full-time for free; but I promise, there are agents who will do this. The way an agent makes their money in this situation is when you turn around and purchase another home through them.
Here is an actual listing that illustrates how the program can lower the listing price.
A home in the Nashville area was on the market for $157,900 using the “old way” of pricing. But with using this new program, the agent waived their commission for the listing and the seller was able to drop the price to $149,900; you can imagine that a lot more traffic will be coming through that front door at $149,900 than there was at $157, you can see you’re easily able to drop the listing price by several thousand dollars and most importantly, you’re going to net the same amount of money.
How are you able to lower your asking price and still net the same amount of money from the sale of your home?
Let’s run through an example to show how you can net the same amount. If a home sold for $154,650 and the seller paid the normal 6% commission (3% to the listing agent and 3% to the buyers agent), or $9,279, they would net $145,371 in the sale of their home. Now using this program, the same home could be listed for $149,000 since the seller will not have to pay the 3% listing fee from their earnings. So, if they sold for $149,000 they would net the same amount.
Think about how much more foot traffic are you going to get through that front door with great listing pictures and a lower price? It’s a wonderful combination that’s been getting results for people even in this kind of market.
There’s no smoke and mirrors folks, it’s absolutely legitimate. It’s helping people price their homes correctly and getting them sold, and it’s spurring the economy right now in this crazy time we live in.
Some may wonder whether or not they’ll receive the same level of service from this type of program. Real Estate Agent Job Description Can they expect the same service as if they had they been paying for a conventional agent?
Yes, if you find the right agent, you will receive the same full service for your listing. Typically 6% is the normal fee a person will pay. My personal conviction is that I’m going to do the absolute best I can; you should find an agent Selling Your House Tips who shares that conviction. Make sure your agent brings experience to the table. In a program such as this, your agent will have to work hard to prove themselves because they essentially need to sell two homes to be paid for one.
Make sure they take good photos when listing the property. I can’t overstate the value of the pictures because that’s the home as far as the consumer is concerned. You’ve got to get people through the front door and the only way to do that is by making those pictures appealing so the consumer gets emotionally attached to the property.

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