How Real Estate Agents Are Profiting From Text Message Marketing

With a Real Estate Mobile Text Marketing program, home buyers receive property information via text messaging. A Buyer sends a text keyword from the comfort of their car or while standing in front of the home for sale. Within seconds, they receive a reply including property information like number of bed rooms, baths, price, property description, school district, agent’s contact information or anything you want them to have.
Text Message Marketing provides you instant Real Estate Leads with the most cost effective means available! Be able to advertise your Listing instantly to hundreds of Ready Buyers! Don’t wait 2 to 4 weeks until your ad in the home magazine comes out or several days to get your listing in the paper. Within minutes of signing up your new listing, hundreds of solid prospects will be informed and want to have a showing, in most case the same day you signed your listing!
On the back end, the most important thing happened. You the agent recorded their contact cell phone number. The number is filed in a group set up by you (sales, rentals, town, school district etc). If you wish, you Real Estate Brokerage Firm can contact them right back while they are still at the property. In the future you can send them updates on the property, open houses in the area, new listings or whatever other information you need to sell them.
How it works- Mobile Real Estate texting is a simple to use web based application. Just log-in, add the property information, and set up a keyword for your listing (it only takes a few minutes). You then put a yard sign or Rider in front of the house. That’s it! As prospective buyers text in for information, there phone # is sent right to your mobile phone or email. When the property is sold, simply move your sign to another home and re-use the property number.
Text messaging, like Twitter and instant messaging is blazingly fast. With text messaging you can communicate with your customers as speedily as they are now accustomed to living. With all the competition out the in the real estate field the agent with the edge makes the most amount of sales. Text message marketing is that edge.
We have seen some brokers setting up the program for all the sales agents in the office and then we have seen some more aggressive sales agents not wait for Top 100 Real Estate Agents In America their broker to act and have set up the program for their own use. Either way Text message marketing produces real estate sales and increases commissions
If you would like to see how MTS Mobile Marketing can add to your agent office’s bottom line contact Ted Fabis at 800 580-1448 or for additional information and a Free trial, log on to

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