Happy Valley, Oregon Offers “Happy Residents Happy Times”

Once upon a time there was a place where baskets of skittles sit at every corner, the temperature is always perfect, and bumblebees buzz to the rhythm of whatever song is playing on the radio. In happy valley, everyone is merry and life is beautiful.
In Happy Valley, Oregon, residents do enjoy almost perfect temperatures, but there are no bees buzzing to the beat and if you want skittles, you can go to the store just like everywhere else. However, what Happy Valley does offer is amazing – the views are beautiful, Real Estate Agent Jobs recreational fun is to be had with whitewater rafting on the Columbia River, hiking or biking at nearby Mt. Hood, through the Cascade Mountains, and the river gorge, or you can spend days visiting nearby Portland enjoying shopping, nightlife, or the arts.
Happy Valley has a population of fewer than 15,000 residents and household incomes average about $95,000 per year. This means that residents can afford homes upwards of $200,000, but most homes cost more than $300,000. This allows the city to collect property tax income and fund good schools and other community perks.
In 2006, home values peaked in Happy Valley at more than $450,000. The same home is now worth about $349,000 – a 25 percent decrease in value. At $349,000, the real estate now for sale has between 2200 and 2500 square feet, three to four bedrooms, and at least two baths. All have stunningly beautiful views of the valley and mountains.
Compared to other major metro areas of Oregon, Happy Valley is a higher priced real estate market. Portland homes now average about $234,000, Eugene real estate sells for about $198,000, and Salem houses cost about $178,000. On average, single family homes now cost about $211,000.
Once your real estate transaction at Happy Valley, Oregon is settled, you may want to begin immediately planning to go by Pendarvis Farm on Hagen Road in August for one of the premier music festivals in the Northwest. Gates open for the 80-acre festival site How To Sell Property Gta 5 Online on Thursday, August 5th for special ticket holders, but they open to the general public on Friday. Music is continuous on the six stages for the three-day event and families are welcome. In fact, camping sites are available but make a reservation early!
Investing in Happy Valley real estate is like investing in your own happiness. If you choose this wonderful northwest destination to make a life, it’s bound to provide multiple opportunities for a healthy, invigorating, entertaining future.

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