Five Tips to Help You Start Wholesaling Real Estate

I live in Chicago and I wanted to invest in real estate. Since I used the same excuse others do about not having money, I looked into wholesaling. Wholesaling real estate is the art of putting a motivated seller and a cash buyer together and getting paid for brokering the deal. Now, there are times when this may look a bit overwhelming, but trust me it’s not that bad. No matter where you live, wholesaling is possible, even if there are not many investors in the area. In order to get started, I suggest you do the following in order.
Find Investors: Go to your local REIA and investment clubs. Go to Google or Meetup(dot)com and search for real estate Real Estate Economy 2019 investment groups. Network with as many people that are at the events and ask them the following questions:
“Where are you currently buying property?” this will let you know if they are active or new.
“Are you looking for cash flow or a flip?” This will let them know your know something and you will learn what their strategy is. And finally,
“How can I help, I am new and want to learn?” Ask this only to investors around where you live and who are experienced.
Advertise: You will want to buy yard signs and start putting them around Home Depot and on the ground near stop signs and red lights. If you are looking for buyers, have them say “Fixxer Upper for Sale, 50K, 555-555-5555”, for sellers say, “I pay CASH for ugly Houses 555-555-555”. Put these signs throughout your area, but not too many as it will be annoying and less relevant. I would also post ads on online classified ads and say you have properties for wholesale. By just this, your phone will start to ring.
Documents: Having the proper contracts and docs lined up are just as important as any part of the process. Just use a standard real estate contract for now. To learn how to fill these documents out, just get in touch with your local investors you met and have them explain it to you. You must have an Assignment Contract too, that you can get from me if you want it. That’s all you need people, 2 agreements and your wholesaling, sort of.
Team: You will need a good attorney who can advise and hold your deposits in escrow to solidify your contracts. Most buyers will be using their own attorneys, so your attorney could just be the bridge from you to both seller and buyers’ attorneys. This helps make sure the deal goes smoothly and communication is open.
Internet Marketing: Without complicating things too much, I suggest you get a blog, and start doing videos about properties and writing about them Types Of Real Estate Contracts as well. Use Facebook to add friends that are interested in real estate and join groups about your cities real estate on yahoo and linked in.
This is a rough draft of what it takes to wholesale. For more information on wholesaling, go to

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