Essential Information For Investors Looking To Invest In Brazilian Real Estate

Brazil’s state development bank, BDNES, recently posted increased lending figures in its first quarterly report for the periods January – May 2012, immediately Writing An Offer For A House sparking interest in the Brazilian Real Estate Market, particularly amongst investors looking to make an investment into Brazil property.
What’s great about this is that this lending is being led by disbursements across development projects that include housing and infrastructure, providing investors with an invaluable source of credit to finance investment opportunities, especially into the Brazilian Real Estate Market.
BDNES itself revealed lending figures of 43.8 billion Reais ($21. 8 billion), 39% of which was assigned to funding development projects across the Brazil property sector and infrastructure. In turn, this has seen an increased demand for credit applications, which has risen by approximately 27% in the same period and the number of those who have been eligible for such credit increasing by 13% on an annual basis.
The encouraging message that has emerged from Brazilian banks increasing their lending is that investment opportunities have taken centre stage, dispelling any myths that the Brazilian Real Estate Market has entered any kind of ‘bubble’. All the signs are clear that now is the time to invest in the Brazilian Real Estate Market.
The Brazilian credit rate is at the lowest it has ever been, lending figures are on the increase, the Brazilian mortgage market is experiencing rapid growth and to top it all off, investors continue to turn their attentions to Brazil to maximise ROI potential, which all combine to attract more investors to Brazil’s shores.
As further evidence to encourage investors, indications from state banks such as BDNES and the nation’s biggest state bank, Banco do Brasil; suggest that lending figures will continue to grow rapidly. The advantages Good Questions To Ask A Home Builder of this include: easier access to funding, the growth of the Brazilian mortgage market and much more attractive ROI potential with less outlay for those considering making an investment into Brazil property.
Fundamentally, with less restrictive lending measures combined with a degree of stability, unseen in the Western banking world, Brazil has all the ingredients in place to attract major investment in the years ahead. Evidence already points in that direction, having overtaken Britain in the economic rankings, Brazil will also play host to two of the World’s biggest sporting events in the next four years in the shape of the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016.

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