Downsizing Your Home – Is it Right For You?

Often people associate downsizing homes to older, retired people whose family has grown and moved away. The parents no longer Purchase Agreement Template Word need a house with three bedrooms, a family room and a large kitchen. Should they stay there or move to a smaller home?
Others who are downsizing have decided they want a simpler lifestyle, at any age, without a large house to maintain. Those who enjoy traveling, or are away regularly on business trips, often buy condos or town homes because they can turn the key and leave for extended periods. They are not responsible for mowing lawns, painting the deck every few years, or the myriad of other household chores that take so much time.
Downsizing may also be a result of financial difficulties, where the homeowner can no longer support large mortgage payments.
Either way, if you are at a point of deciding whether to move to a smaller home, there will be a number of changes coming your way. Is is very important to really like your new, smaller Angelini Real Estate home for its style and usability. If these components are not there during your search as a buyer, keep moving until you find the one that will be comfortable for years to come.
Benefits galore with downsizing
Scaling back from a fully-furnished, large home to a smaller residence can mean leaving years of familiar surroundings behind, which is hard for some people. But it is also an opportunity to get the designer living room furniture you have had your eye on for months, or buy a stylish patio set for your new back yard or deck.
Here are some more positive reasons for you to scale back on total square footage:
* Monster heating bills to maintain a large home will drop significantly.
* You won’t automatically be considered “the place to go” for family holiday gatherings, saving you time on preparation and clean up.
* Weekly cleaning will take half the time, or more.
* Having less space to store things you don’t ever use usually means buying less things in the future, because you won’t have the extra space.
* Tax bills are reduced with smaller residences.
* Mortgage payments, if needed, are significantly lower.
Possible disadvantages with a smaller home.
There are many things to consider before going ahead with plans to downsize your home. Before you rush into a smaller residence, make sure the downside won’t be a deal breaker for you:
* Less room for your own privacy, or when quiet space is needed.
* Less space for entertaining or hosting large family gatherings.
* No extra room for out-of-town guests to stay overnight.

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