Do You Have An Eye Sore House In the Neighborhood?

You may not have a view of a boarded up house from your home, however many people do.
Real Estate can be a tricky thing for neighbors and others that are affected.
Unfortunately there are neighborhoods that were considered very nice that are suffering along with the areas that just always seems to be a little “worse for wear”. We started taking note of the houses that were just empty with no “for sale” sign out front and we have been astounded. It’s just a matter of time before it attracts crime, tagging, garbage and “squatters”.
These are things that nobody wants to see in their neighborhoods because it makes things unsafe for everyone. It’s up to the neighborhood to keep the place tended if it starts to look “shaggy”. Maybe all of us could take it a step farther.
You don’t have to know a lot when it comes to real estate. Maybe there is something that you can do about that empty house on your street. If the house isn’t salvageable there are still things you can do to make things better.
You shouldn’t have to look at this right next door, if that is the way you feel, you can step up and get something done about it.
We have been very successful cleaning up areas that were less than desirable in our 30 years of Real Estate Investment.
What we have learned is so amazing because you can go from someone with absolutely no Real Estate education to someone with a portfolio of real estate, a long list of investors and contractors and dependable lenders in cases where it is necessary.
It’s your choice, you decide how you take care of your own business. Keep it small or grow it as large as you like.
We find that the most important thing, the key element that is really missing is actually mentorship. Everyone claims to mentor, what How To Qualify First Time Home Buyer we have seen and experienced is so disappointing. Not at all what we would call mentorship and getting down to what really works.
You shouldn’t have to look at this mess next door, it’s really up to you to get it changed and make it better. The longer you look at it with no action, the odds increase that it will eventually affect you and your home.
Turn something that didn’t seem so great into something that benefits you, it’s simple to do, it takes a commitment from you and maybe some team work in the neighborhood. There is so much benefit from working together and having a project in the neighborhood together.
It brings all of the people closer together, they get to know one another so we can all watch out for each other. Doing projects together House Offer Accepted What Next as a neighborhood forms friendships and bonds that last years and years. It gives the kids new friends to play and argue with, seriously.
Decide what you can do with the time that you have, you will find that others in your neighborhood think just like you and are willing to help.

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