Discover the Three Options to Placing Bandit Signs Where Potential Sellers Will See Them

How to put the bandit signs up? I know it seems silly, but how do you put these signs up?
Metal Stakes
There are three options. There are metal stakes that you can buy with the signs. As we talked about before, there are these little slats between the signs. The stakes are in an H format and you take the top part of the H and slide it up through these slats. Then you take the bottom part of the H and push that into the ground.
Those work fairly well, particularly if you’re at grassy intersections and things of that nature. If done right they Real Estate Agent Commission Split Agreement will hold up to wind and things like that, particularly in the Northeast here where we get some pretty rough days.
The signs have to be able to hold up. You have to push the signs all the through as much as possible onto the sign. What a lot of people do is push it in only two or three inches. Then the wind will come along and blow it off.
Another problem is they don’t push it into the ground nearly far enough. Take your time and push it into the ground six or eight inches. Find a soft spot in the ground where you can push it all the way in.
If you only push it in two or three inches, then the first time it rains or something and a car splats it with water it will fall right over. Then your sign is useless. Take your time and make sure you put it on there right.
Wooden Stakes
The other option is a wooden stake. You would obviously pound that into the ground and then you would staple the sign itself onto the upper part of the stake. To me that tends to be more labor intensive. It doesn’t work as well because the wooden stake becomes unstable and will fall over far quicker.
Staples How To Know A Good Investment Property
The third way is you can staple it to a pole or tree – anything wooden. You get a staple gun and you can staple it to a telephone pole. There are some problems there, as the telephone people don’t like you doing that. Trees are an option or anything that you can staple it into.
Problems go with that. One is it tends to make the signs look a little bit funky with all the staples. Two, if you don’t have trees that are kind of conveniently located where you can get the sign in a position for people driving by, you’re at the mercy of the trees and all that.
There is a third way that you can put bandit signs up and it does work. Be careful about the telephone poles. In some cases the telephone company can get upset if you start putting a lot of signs on their poles. If you’ve ever tried it and you go out to the telephone poles, the first thing you’re going to notice is there are staples everywhere on them. There are thousands of little staples on telephone poles.
Obviously a lot of people do this. It’s kind of funny that they tell you not to do this, but you go to a typical telephone pole and there are several hundred to a thousand staples on there. Clearly people are doing it. Those are things to look out for.

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