Current Real Estate Market in Stanislaus and San Joaquin Counties

According to the data collected for the analysis of the current real estate market in Stanislaus and San Joaquin, it can be concluded that the quantity of the supply remains downward in both Stanislaus and San Joaquin. Stanislaus which consists of almost 519 homes and San Joaquin consisting of 376 homes showed a fall in the amount of supply at the starting months of 2009. Pending had a significant gain, but the most remarkable thing is that the buying activity still remains high. According to the present market condition the valley has made certain progress.

Although the market condition of both the valleys are going up, but still the difference between sale price and sold price is big. There are heavy negotiations done over the market and as a result of which there is much difference between sale and sold price.

Some of the important points to be noted are as follows:-

Inventory has fallen in these two valleys.

Pending and selling activity has grown up to a higher extent as compared to the past 7 years.

There is a moratorium on REOs Residential Real Estate Agent / Bank Owned Foreclosures.

For home buyers, it is a great opportunity to buy homes as there are a lot of bargain is going on at the market. In addition to that, the interest rates have become very low. They are as low as 5%, so the buyers can now take the advantage of market. Now home buyers will see an increase in the bidding on more desirable homes.

This is the right time for the investors to invest in both of the valleys. There are lots of homes available, Cheapest Month To Buy A House which price tag is less than 50K, so this is the perfect time for the investors to invest.

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Since the supply and demand continue to converge, it proves to be more beneficial for the home owners. At last it is to be concluded that, the present day real estate market is very beneficial for the investors, home buyers and home owners.