Create a Good Commercial Real Estate Database Part 1

Every now and then (at least once a week) I get asked about what database tools are available for commercial real estate agents and what software program is the best to use for that purpose. They are hard questions to answer but here are a few ideas that will help with the subject.
I have seen so many teams and real estate offices over the years and on that basis I like to set some observations in place when it comes when it comes to database usage and selection. They are:
1. It is the diligence of your team that is so important when it comes to getting information in and out of your database. Accuracy and diligence is paramount.
2. Everyone in the office that is involved with the client or prospect has a role to play in putting information in your database. The database is a team commitment.
3. Many salespeople by character or skill are not focused enough on putting information into the database. It should be a daily task (end of day is best).
4. There are many good database programs available. You just need to make some decisions as to what you want to do with the program.
So the boss of the office wants to get the best database program to support the team and the type of property that they sell, lease, and manage. The intention is wise because the database program will build massive opportunity and commissions for the team when it is used correctly.
Success of the database is a team thing. I will likely upset a few salespeople How To Buy A House Australia here and now with the next statement so I will apologise for that in advance.
Every salesperson should have a personal focus on their own data capture and accuracy, to the point that it is an essential tool in their business. I would expect every salesperson to personally use the database on a daily basis, Purchasing A Home In Virginia and not to delegate the data entry and extraction to an administration person in the office. Without this individual commitment of the salesperson, the database will not grow and thrive as a business tool for the office.

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