Commercial Real Estate – What Could You Do If You Had Solid Sales Skills?

You don’t need to know how to sell all you need to do is show people properties. How many times have you said or heard that? What if that belief is even a little less than true?
People have always entered and exited real estate pretty fast. However, some people have been able to linger in the Most Expensive State To Buy A House industry existing on the low hanging fruit. There’s a major problem with depending on the low hanging fruit.
The problem is… there is no low hanging fruit now. The people surviving and thriving in Commercial Real Estate now either have the skills they need, or they are committed to getting those skills ASAP.
People don’t fail because they don’t know what to do to sell real estate. People don’t fail because they don’t know the business of real estate. They fail because they lack skills. Skills come from knowing how to do what you know you need to do.
CRE’s fail because they lack the skill to get in front of the right people. They fail because they lack confidence in their skills, and that lack of confidence leads to a lack of consistency. Plus CRE’s fail because they lack the skills required to prevent missed opportunities.
All of those skills are part of solid sales skills. Those sales skills separate survivors from thrivers. Here’s what I mean.
A buyer can get anyone with a real estate license to drag them around and show them properties that fit their criteria. The longer the process Funding Real Estate Deals takes the more frustrated they get, and the less enthusiastic they are about you. You are partially to blame for their frustration.
If you had solid sales skills you would be more observant and better prepared to hone in on what’s really important to the buyer. Once you do that you achieve success with less work because you show them far fewer properties. In addition, you are better prepared to help them identify the property you show them as the best fit for them.
Sellers have the same dilemma. The seller needs to know what makes you the best choice. Then they need you to prove them right.
Solid sales skills help you identify what they want, how they want it, and when they want it. Then your sales skills help you help them set realistic expectations based on what they’ve shared with you.

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