Commercial Real Estate, The Financial Crisis, and The Media

“Always do right – this will gratify some and astonish the rest.” — Mark Twain
I like the media. I watch enough news to keep up to date with what is happening and spend most of my time reading trade journals. But did you know something…
In many areas of the country commercial real estate sales have hit records in recent years? Don’t get me wrong – it is not ALL completely rosy, but it is not completely horrid either. When the media does seem to present good news, they seem to put some spin on it like the following:
“Commercial Real Estate Sales Explode But Trouble Looms!”
“Commercial Real Estate Sales Take Off in 2010 But Will Take A Nose Dive In 2011!”
Do yourself a favor and always have your media filter on.
I was brought thinking that the media was about explaining the facts to us NOT about explaining someone’s agenda or what will sell more periodicals…
Am I saying put your head in the sand? No. I am saying always use your media filter OK? Make Construction And Real Estate Advisory sure you keep in mind of the FACTS and not the agenda of the publications you are reading.
Anyway, my two rules going forward for the rest of this year is:
1. Use Your Media Filter. What is REALLY Going On Here?
2. Have Your Antenna Up ALL the Time for Opportunity. It will be there for you…
By the way, this ALL spells good news for commercial real estate investors. The panic will have many Developer Property Indonesia people thinking they need to get out and many will — prematurely. That spells opportunity.

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