Commercial Real Estate Lesson to Pass on to Your Kids

“One person caring about another represents Real Estate Marketing Materials life’s greatest value.” — Jim Rohn
One of the things that “us parents” want to do is pass down as much knowledge as we can to our kids to give them as many advantages when they are adults as possible. Not surprisingly we want the best for our kids.
But, how do you have kids involved in your Commercial Investment Real Estate Wealth Building without turning them off?
Lets face it, what you think is important, your kids think is boring. What you think they should know and what lessons they should be are thinking about who they want to instant message.
You get the picture.
I will tell you what has worked for me.
This is a lesson I hope that you will take and pass on to your kids, Housing Demand In Indonesia as well, because it will be instructive for both you and them.
Here it is:
I have my kids read important books regarding wealth, self improvement and real estate and I pay them money to do it. What I require from them in order for them to receive any money is a one page single spaced typed report of what the book was about.
I learned this from a very astute Mentor of mine – and it works very well. You see, I could have them do chores, or pay them allowance, etc. but I like this as a nice add-on with these activities.
Think of it as an investment in your kids’ financial and self-improvement education. I am willing to pay them to help provide the incentive, but the pay-off will be seen for years to come. It is a great system, and I hope you give it a try with your kids.

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