Commercial Real Estate Agents – Tips for the Weekly Team Meeting and Caravan

In commercial real estate agency, the process of keeping the sales and leasing team up to speed on each other’s listings is really important. A cooperative real estate office is where agents share listings and leads. The listing agent retains the client and the client relationship, but another agent in the office can assist in closing on a sale or a lease.

In the big picture it means that more people can be involved in the listing and potentially create a successful transaction. It is better for you or your agency to sell or lease the property than it is for another agent to do a conjunction.

So the message here is that a real estate office with more than one salesperson should establish a ‘weekly caravan’ system where all agents in the office inspect each other’s listings. In this way the new listings are conveyed to the other members of the team and the potential of a transaction escalates.

Given the way commercial real estate works, it is better to do this inspection process on a Monday or Tuesday. By the end of the week there is just too much going on for the average team to get together.

Here is a process to help you set up the ‘caravan’ inspection process:

A feature of the inspection process should be to look at all exclusive listings that you have on Mansions For Sale In Cleveland Ohio your books. In this way the exclusive listings are top of mind with all the agents in the team.

Discuss your listings and how the marketing is working. Look at changes in marketing that can help freshen the listing in the market.

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When you check out your listings, also track the results and listings of other agents around your listings. Look for the differences in prices, rents, marketing, location, and quality of property.

Do a signboards count every Saturday morning so you know what your market share is doing. Pay particular attention to the methods of sale and leasing that are currently being used.

Any new property developments will have a major impact on the local area. Always track the changes and updates of new developments as they are constructed.

Monitor the time on market for all exclusive listings, open listings, and compare that to the methods of sale or lease. Understand what works and what does not when it comes to property promotion.

Take plenty of photographs of property listings so you can remind yourself as to the listing quality and the location.

This weekly process will help you stay ahead of Roomy Cluster Home the market and listing changes in your area.