Commercial Real Estate Agents – Tips for Pitching and Presenting Your Services Today

When it comes to your career in commercial property sales and leasing, you can be a great salesperson or an ordinary one. Unfortunately there are lots of ‘ordinary’ ones around that fight over listings and deals with everyone else.

If you cannot stand apart as the best agent in the local area for the property type, then you will have Developer Property Indonesia to ‘fight’ for every listing. In many cases the listing will then only come to you if you offer:

Low commissions

Low marketing costs

Discounts in the fees raised

Accept the vendors rent or price

Take the listing on the vendors terms of method of sale or lease

Short listing periods to give them flexibility to move

Open listing Highest Earning Real Estate Agents alternatives

Conjunction arrangements with other agents

Here is a very important fact for you. The clients that are asking for discounts and those that will base their choice of agent on the discount availability are not the clients that you really need. They are the clients that you cannot really trust and they are the clients that make the whole marketing and inspection process so very hard.

Any negotiations with these clients are from a stage of difficulty and certainly without any commitment to you as the best agent to help them. All of a sudden you have to sell yourself and not just the deal to get the client to listen to you.

So the message here is for you to look out for these clients and decide whether you really want to get involved with them. Why not let another agent take on the difficult client if the terms of the listing are so bizarre?

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In this industry you can be one of the following, but you cannot be both:

You can be an order taker, or

You can be an order creator

The difference between these two facts is that the latter is the best way to approach your career in commercial property sales and leasing. Creating your market will give you better choices when it comes to clients and properties. Desperation will not need to be part of your business model.

Why would you want to take on every property that comes to you? The reality is you should not take on everything and every property. You should only take on those properties where you know that you have a client that is working with you and not against you. There are lots of good clients that need help with property matters right now.

If you have not got enough of these good clients, then you need to be prospecting more each day and building a very good database; soon you will see the property market open up for you. Expect the work to be hard but you will get there through focus and effort.